Trudeau: Whole world benefits from strong EU

TrudeauCanada Prime minister Justin Trudeau

Trudeau: Whole world benefits from strong EU

Strasbourg, February 16

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today said the world is better off when the EU is strong, amid anti-Brussels sentiment from Brexit and Donald Trump.“The whole world benefits from a strong EU,” he said in a speech to European Parliament, a day after MEPs approved a landmark free-trade deal between the EU and Canada. “Canada knows that an effective European voice on the global stage isn’t just preferable, it’s essential,” Trudeau added.

Trudeau also hailed the 28-nation bloc as “a truly remarkable achievement and an unprecedented model for peaceful cooperation.”

European Parliament yesterday solidly backed a the EU-Canada trade accord after nearly eight years of painful negotiations and activist anger.

With the trade deal, the EU and Canada “have made a big step to deepen our relationship and increase commerce that is both free and progressive,” Trudeau said.

Trudeau spoke three days after meeting in Washington with US President Trump, who has vowed to embrace protectionism and reject big trade deals. Trump has previously said that Britain’s vote to leave was a good idea and that other countries would likely to follow suit.

He is also expected to nominate a pro-Brexit ambassador to the EU who believes the bloc will disintegrate and that the euro single currency will fail. — AFP


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