Thousands evacuated in Frankfurt over 1.4-ton unexploded WW2 bomb (PHOTOS)

Thousands evacuated in Frankfurt© Ralph Orlowski / Reuters

Thousands evacuated in Frankfurt over 1.4-ton unexploded WW2 bomb (PHOTOS)

More than 60,000 Frankfurt residents have been evacuated from their homes following the discovery of an English airmine bomb dropped in the Second World War.

The bomb was found on a construction site in Frankfurt’s Westend on Tuesday, and, after lying dormant in the ground for more than 72 years, sparked the largest evacuation in Germany’s post-war history.


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German authorities scheduled the evacuation of thousands of residents in a 1.5-kilometer radius around the bomb, who were instructed to leave their homes by 8am local time Sunday in preparation for the device to be defused at noon.

The bomb holds 1.4 tons of explosive TNT, Hessenschau reports, citing the rifle clearing service. The device is not thought to pose any imminent danger, according to the
regional council of Darmstadt.

Two hospitals, one of which has the largest newborn ward in the city, and 10 retirement homes are included in the evacuation radius.

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The Frankfurt fire brigade shared footage of hundreds of emergency service vehicles on standby to assist in the bomb disposal and removal of around 6,500 people who are unable to leave the area independently.


source: RT


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