Ghani Khattak , Islamabad Pakistan : The breakdown of a society

Ghani KhattakGhani Khattak

The breakdown of a society 

Only a healthy and strong society can lay down strong foundations for a strong state and good governance. Corruption in government departments and ineffective governance reflect sickness of society. Usually criticism and sometimes outright condemnation is reserved and directed against government officials as it were the sole responsibility of officials to be straight forward, honest ,upright and efficient. That other citizen had no responsibility to be honest and effective in their conduct.
A look at society will reveal unbelievable shortcomings and sicknesses which is afflicting our society which has lost cohesion and harmony, the essential requirement for an enjoyable and dependable life in society at large and its various units i.e. village,Chak,goth and town in particular. Instead of love and mutual respect which once used to be important values of society have become outdated today and replaced by indifference, a very low level of concern and almost no attachment reserved for closely related persons instead there is lack of enthusiasm among individuals of the same group. It is a mental state of, like having no heart and no emotions. This makes people dead bodies in general, the consequence of indifference make public places like Hujras and other assembling places, deserted. lack of communication between people make distances between them more vast although they may be living in the same street. This is a situation where every person is concerned about one’s self only and this is an extreme case of selfishness, a state of nafsi nafsi and like leprosy which deprives society from its vitality and vigor. According to Emmons,’ Selfishness is the root and source of all natural and moral evils.” This is total lack of unity in the ranks of society. According to Khushal, when people unite, they force the kings to prostrate. This is unity amongst social groups which can give shape to many things in a society. Ghani 1
We have developed every evil in our present day society, from small to the largest, from individual to organized evils, crimes and mafias. Crimes against society are committed by its own members. They live side by side with us but we, the masses do not have the courage to raise voice against them, we also do not assist each other against crimes when the law of the land requires such an assistance from us i.e. we see our colleagues and neighbors suffer because of criminals but we just see and do not have any practical assistance except few words of sympathy. Every one lives for himself alone, no one seems to be concerned about his fellows. This attitude only suggests that society has lost its essence and the benefits of collective living have been lost and become victim of greed and selfishness. Heinous crimes are committed in day light, seen and witnessed by many yet no one dares to appear in court to help the law in punishing the criminal. The result is the increasing crime rate in society, in villages and cities. The most popular response to such evils and street crimes is that “It is not my responsibility alone.”
As a result of indifferent response to social obligations, there are numerous evils which come to our welcome. Adulteration in food items is too common. Serving of sub-standard meals in hotels is in vogue everywhere. Butchers have become so bold and influential that they now sell dead animals meat in order to earn too much, too quick at the cost of precious health of children, men and women of every age. This is so cruel and heartless a crime yet no butcher has so far been punished and made an example for others to see. Fake medicines, commonly called 2 no. medicines which further deteriorate the condition of patients are available in medicine shops anywhere in Pakistani cities. The manufacturers and dealers make a lot of money from out of fake medicines business but they cannot be punished because society is indifferent to such crimes and governance ineffective because of the involvement of govt. functionaries in corruption. A healthy society does not provide such money making criminal opportunities at the cost of others. An effective government and its efficient officials make such false businesses impossible but we see that in Pakistan masses are the ultimate victims. Just imagine that a contractor makes a road or a bridge and next day the constructions are washed away by rain or flood because of the use of substandard material and faulty work. This all corruption and fraud is committed to unlawfully digest the taxes of the poor of the country. On the other hand, robberies, abductions and kidnappings have become order of the day through which people are intimidated, exploited and tortured. All these crimes and social evils only reveal that society has grown too weak, disorganized and a breeding place for numerous types of visible and unvisible evils, crimes and abnormalities.
We, the social animals are just indifferent onlookers forgetting that the fall out of such crimes will ultimately affect us-directly or indirectly. It is point to ponder that even in the holy month of Ramadhan, big businessman or a small shopkeeper consider 200% profit justified and Halal and the holy month a God given opportunity to make excessive profit. They firmly believe that in business there is no limit on profit.

Ghani 2  It is a source of polished life. Unfortunately, a society as disintegrated as the one we live in, there are the least chances of the government coming close to people’s expectations as no government can be as effective as to catch an electricity thief in a remote village or to remove a dead dog from the middle of a road in a far flung area of the country or to challenge a butcher, adulterator or a swindler or to punish and remove a corrupt official.. Even in the midst of cities,there appear to be no municipality. A city like Islamabad is losing its charm and beauty because the authority responsible for the upkeep of the federal capital is not having time to spare for civic improvements as the authority has become the most attractive organ for corruption.
Reportedly the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa intended to introduce village councils in villages of more than eight thousand population but no such development is yet visible. It may prove very helpful in the direction of making villagers respond to their problems without waiting for the government to come and help them belatedly. However the fact is that government never comes to help people. One hopes that such councils/ Jirgas may be given the task of resolving issues between people at village level. This will be helpful in reducing burden of pending cases on district courts. The government can do a lot when helped and supported by dynamic society.

Author: Ghani Khattak
Islamabad, Pakistan


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