Religious Intolerance ? Let Us Defeat It.

Religioius ToleranceReligious Tolerance

Religious Intolerance ? Let Us Defeat It.

How to defeat Religious Intolerance:

tolerance 1
We have spiritual and religious values. Every major religion has the same set of core beliefs.
God , Allah , Buddha , Krishna, Tao , Jehovah etc are our spiritual energy , they all point to the same incredible , loving, creative and guiding energy.
Let us come out of blame game with respect of our spiritual energy. Leave it on them to decide.
But let us smile, love and help each others. Smile costs you nothing but the response is the same.

Love others to be loved and help others to be helped.tolerance 14
We are all one, created and a part of one spiritual being.
We must share the same values, integrity , unconditional love , support of our neighbors and respect to one another.
We also must share peace of mind , happiness and prosperity for ourselves and loved ones and the desire to be loved by others the way that God loves us.

If you want to be respected, tolerance 5  others.

tolerance 9Disagreement and agreement are two different things, but let us discuss it like brothers and sisters, come to a common point and embrace each other for peach , love and happiness.

If we will respect each others belief , it will not diminish our own at all.
If you don’t respect others faith , it means that you are not yet well aware of your own faith because non of the faith believes in disrespect of other’s faith.

Find strength through the beliefs and practice of your faith , and then accept and respect the beliefs and practices of others.

tolerance 15
If we have done some thing wrong in the past , let us forget our pasts for the sake of our bright future, full of peace and love.

love 1
Let us be thankful to our differences that brought us together to discuss and sort out.
Don’t make your differences wider but make it thinner near to disappearance.
We all of any faith , can sense and feel universal unconditional love from it.

Let us love each other like God loves us.Love 1
Every religion teaches love as a constant practice. Don’t just love those that believe as you do, love those that are completely different.
Its time , let us get back to love.
Let us study and learn each others faiths and beliefs.
Don’t be afraid to learn more and more .
We may find new levels of understanding and belief by being able to understand new concepts and philosophies from others.
We will find how these faiths and beliefs are the same in various spheres of life both materially and spiritually.

tolerance 10Religion

tolerance 17Let us stand together to defeat intolerance.

Tolerance 16

Long live tolerance among us.

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Writer :
Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief  ” THE VOICE TIMES”
Founder: Great Afghanistan Movement (GAM).

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