Historical relationship between the Pukhtuns and Baloch

Pukhtuns and BalochPukhtuns and Baloch friendship

Historical relationship between the Pukhtuns and Baloch

So far as the issue of the Pukhtuns and Baloch is concerned , it can be divided  into three sections, the historical background , the current situation and the future strategy.

Historically , the pukhtuns and Baloch have been living side by side for thousands of years on their respective lands in thin and thick times just like brothers.

I will not go too much back in the history , but I will start it from 1747 when all the Afghan tribal leaders called the communal council , Jirga, in Kandahar to lay down the foundation of a new state Afghanistan .

Baloch 7But at that time , in addition to the Afghan tribes leaders , another tribe leader had  also been invited . His name was Naseer Khan Noori who was the head the Baloch tribe.

That’s why when Afghans tribes consider themselves as the founding members of Afghanistan , similarly our Baloch brothers have the equal right to claim the same.

baloch 3


Ahmad shah Durani was appointed as the king of Afghanistan and according to an agreement between Afghanistan and Baluchistan , he had taken the responsibility to protect Baluchistan from any foreign invasion. And when Ahmad Shan Durrani was invading either Delhi in India or Mashhad in Iran, Nasee Khan noor always had been providing 9000 Baloch Army , fighting with their Afghan brothers side by side , shoulder to shoulder in these wars. And the expedition of Pani pat is the best example.

Ahmad shah durrani also had married the niece of Naseer Khan noori. The wife of Khan of Kaalat was the granddaughter of Sayyed Jamaluddin Afghani, the wives of Akbar bugti and Khair Bakh marri are also Pukhtuns.

baloch 8

That’s why if any individual or party that are either the pukhtuns or baloch create problem between the baloch and Pukhtuns are wokring on the agenda of Punjab dominated Pakistan Army , ISI and Punjab establishment.

Later on in 1893 when the British were imposing the line of evil and hatred , the Durand line on Afghanistan, it was also a great blunder.

Baloch 9The Durand Line Agreement divides boundaries between three countries, namely Afghanistan, Baluchistan and British India. According to the international  Law, all affected parties are required to agree to any changes in demarcating their common borders. In reality, the Durand Line Agreement was a trilateral agreement and it legally required the participation and signatures of all three countries.

                                                                                                    But, thDurand 1e Durand line Agreement was drawn as a bilateral agreement between Afghanistan and British India only, and the British intentionally excluded Baluchistan.

 Hence, under the rules of demarcating boundaries of the International Law, the Agreement was in error, and thus, it was null and void as soon as it was signed.

The British ruled parts of Afghanistan without any legal authority but through treacherous use of a piece of paper, the Durand Line Agreement, which did not have any legal standing in any court of law.

As long as the British kept Afghanistan and Baluchistan in the dark and apart from each other to discuss the Agreement, the British could continue to rule Afghan territory.

But, in 1947, the British Indian government was dissolved, and hence, there was no reason for the British to continue this drama any more.

Durand 3     Durand 4But when it was decided that the British India will be divided into two dominions, India and Pakistan, Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmad Yar Khan contacted the viceroy Lord Mountbatten , that according to the agreement of 1837 between the British India and Baluchistan , Baluchistan is an independent country.

Then there was a meeting of five persons Mohd Ali Jinnah , Liaqat ali Khan from one side , Khan of Kalat and his adviser sultan Ahmad khan on the other side and lord Mountbatten was the mediator.

They decided only two options in the meeting:

1. if Baluchistan wants , it can annex to Pakistan.

2. But if not then Baluchistan can continue their agreement with Afghanistan.

But Khan of kalat , decided that Baluchistan must be an independent state.

So on August 11, 1947, the British acceded control of Baluchistan to the ruler of Baluchistan, Khan of Kalat. The Khan immediately declared the independence of Baluchistan, and Mohammad Ali Jinnah signed the proclamation of Baluchistan  sovereignty under the Khan.

The New York Times reported on 12th  August, 1947 that “Under the agreement, Pakistan recognizes Baluchistan as an independent sovereign state.

The next day, the NY Times even printed a map of the world showing Baluchistan as a fully independent country.

Pakistan came into being on 14th August , 1947. At that time the Punjabi were 25% of the whole population of Pakistan but in the Army , establishment and judiciary they were more than 80%.

Durand 5

After Pakistan’s independence, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his legal team immediately found that the Durand Line Agreement was not a legally admissible and binding document. To continue the illegal occupation of the territories belonging to Afghanistan, it was important for Pakistan to keep the flaw in the Agreement a secret. But the dilemma was that Baluchistan was an independent country and one day the truth might be revealed to Afghanistan about the Agreement. This truth could result in Pakistan losing its Pashtun dominated areas till to Indus river to Afghanistan.

So it was very important for Pakistan to either annex or invade Baluchistan to continue with their illegal occupation of Afghan territories.

Durand 6Jinnah tried to persuade- the Khan of Kalat to join Pakistan, but the Khan and both Houses of the Kalat Assembly refused.

Then the Pakistani government took an aggressive stance against Baluchistan, and in March 1948, the Pakistani armed forces started their operation against the Baluchistan government.

Baloch 11They invaded Baluchistan in April, 1948, and imprisoned all members of the Kalat Assembly and merged Baluchistan with Pakistan. This simple act of aggression against a sovereign nation assured Pakistan that their secret about the Durand Line Agreement would remain intact.

On 12 August 1948 , Pakistan army shooted the peaceful procession of the Pukhtuns in babara charsadda khyber pukhtunkhwa, where more than 600 Pukhtuns women and men were killed inclduing 3 years old kid in the arms of his mother.


The history of Pakistan is the history of bloodshed , murders, blunders , plunders and claimers.

pakistan  In 1946 by the order of so called founder of Pakistan ,Jinnah, the direct action day was announced in Calcutta where within a few hours 5000 non-Muslims were slaughtered by the Muslims.

In 1947 during the partion , 1.2 millions people were killed, from 70 to one hundred thousands women were either abducted, killed or rapped, 12 millions people were displaced from their homes forcibly.

bengal In 1971,refusing the democratic rights of the Bengali, 3 millions Bengali were killed and 400  thousands women were rapped by Pakistan Army in East Pakistan , now Bangladesh.

 Since 1948 , 20000 of brutally tortured , bullet riddled bodies of Baluch youth were sent to their homes.


 800pakistan 500 Pukhtuns were killed by the bombardment of F-16 planes , artillery shilling and by the operation conducted by 140000 Pakistan regular army in the Pukhtun trible area. 6000 air raids were performed , dropping 12000 bombs.

pakistan 6

afghanistanafghanistan 1And above all due the hostile policy of Pakistan toward Afghanistan since 1978 , 2 million Afghans were killed.



But in spite of all these brutalities this unnatural phenomenon Pakistan couldn’t survive even for 24 years and disintegrated in 1971 and more than half of Pakistan emerged on the world map on the name of Bangladesh.

pakistan 10The world community specially USA and the Europe have committed two big blunders in the past.
When in 1974 the Netherlands and other European intelligence organizations found that there was a Pakistani Scientist , Qadeer Khan who was stealing the uranium enrichment technology, the Netherlands government decided to arrest him, but CIA was also on board, so CIA told the Netherlands Govt. don’t touch him, we want to follow him where he will go.

Pakistan 12But in 1975 , Qadeer Khan went to Pakistan and met the then prime minster of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. After the meeting Bhutto annouced that we will eat grass but make the atomic bomb.

IranThe second blunder the world community committed , was in 1979 when they were waiting till last times that King of Iran Raza Shah Pehlawi will handle the situation. As a result the fundamentalist who came into power in 1979 in Iran, is a great danger for the world peace.


Radicalism And the third blunder is around the corner which is Pakistan. In 1979 , Iran was not a nuclear power , but if the same scenario will take Place in Pakistan as it took place in Iran in 1979 , thenthe world community  will also  be responsible for the devastatingconsequences in the world.

That’s why ,  the world community must   demilitarise and denuclearise Pakistan and impose the soft balkanization on Pakistan like Yugoslavia. The disintegrated Pakistan will be more safe than existing Pakistan.

Though Pakistan is black mailing the world that it has nuclear weapons. But the world community must also know that former USSR had 3 millions regular army and 40000 nuclear war heads, but no one could prevent the former Soviet Union from disintegration.

Therefore , with a few hundred nuclear war heads and 500 thousand army , Pakistan itself is on the brink of collapse and disintegration but only a bit push is required from the International community.

The territories of Pukhuns, Baloch and Sindhi are burning but Punjab is flourishing, because  all the terrorist organizations are nurtured , financed  , equipped and trained by the Pakistan Army and intelligent organization ISI and more than 80% in these organizations are Punjabi. So in a survey in 2012 , 65% of all bomb blasts in Pakistan  took place in Khyber Pukhtunkwa with 70 % casualties , 20% of the bomb blasts of all Pakistan took place in Baluchistan with 23% casualties but in Punjab only one bomb blast took place with only 5 people died. HOWEVER, THE POPULATIONS OF PUNJAB IS FROM 62 TO 65% , THE POPULATION OF KHYBER PUKHTUNKWA IS ABOUT 15  % AND THE POPULATION OF BALUCHISTAN IS ABOUT 7% OF THROUGHOUT PAKISTAN POPULATION . Just take a look of the population and the bomb blasts and its casualties in various Provinces.

Above You saw a few  pictures in Khbyer Pukhtunkhwa and Baluchistan , now take a look of  a few picture in Punjab below:

punjab 3    punjab 8 punjab 4

punjab 6punjab 2  punjab 5

These are the people of Punjab  for whom Pakistan was created. Pakistan is Punjab and Punjab is Pakistan. Punjab Police are dancing and the police of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Baluchistan are sacrificing their lives for them to enjoy and dance.

But unfortunately, since 1947 the world community specially USA and UK, have been helping Pakistan militarily , financially and economically. Only USA has given till now 67 billions dollars where 43 billions dollars was economic aid  but Pakistan has always been using that aid to crush the Pukhtuns, Baloch , minorities and organize the terrorist , fundamentalist & extremist organizations for their proxy wars in Afghanistan , Kashmir and India.


The Pukhtun and Baloch are in the war any way since 1947. They have been giving sacrifices of hundred of thousands of their people. So now it is the voice of the time to fight their common enemy, Pakistan together.

They have  common goal , independence and common enemy  Pakistan.

The Pukhtuns want to get rid of Pakistan and annex their motherland Afghanistan.

The Pukhtun freedom fighters  fully support their Baloch brothers in their struggle for their independence. Greater Afghanistan from Indus river to Amu river and Baluchistan will be living side by side just like brothers as in the era of Ahmad shah Durrani and Naseer khan noori and before that.

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