REASONS why Pakistan is now jealous of Afghanistan ?

REASONS why Pakistan is now jealous of Afghanistan ?Musa Khan Safi, Kunar Afghanistan

REASONS why Pakistan is now jealous of Afghanistan ?

1) Afghanistan is developing.

2) Pakistan believes Muslims should be enemy of other religion and even other sects. But that is disproved by 172 million Indian Muslims living equally with Indian Hindus. India has the world’s largest number of mosques. India-Afghanistan-Iran-Qatar-Kuwait-UAE friendship. So their Two-Nation theory is a bullshit.

3) Afghan youths today are carrying books, laptops. While Pakistan youths are increasingly carrying drugs, AK47 and becoming Jihadis.

4) Afghan youths esp. students are welcomed in India like brothers. They study alongside Indian students. Get Govt. of India scholarships. Whereas Pakistan is denied visa, and barbed fences are constructed to prevent radical terror elements from Pakistan to enter India.

5) Afghans today have found new friends in India, Arab world, and Iran too. So they have stopped depending on Pakistan.

6) Afghan military receives aids, arms, ammunition, training from USA, India, Russia. Whereas Pakistan always tries to beg from China, who pushes their obsolete materials to Pakistan. Even USA has closed it doors for Pakistan to acquire F16s and funds.

7) Afghan military is getting strong day by day. And in any face to face fight, Then can easily beat Pakistanis with their bravery, courage and superior military equipment. Just as some months back a Pakistani major was shot dead by Afghan National Forces, who tried to mess with Afghans in the border.

9) Pakistani sponsored Talibans have been crushed in Afghanistan. All evil designs of Pakistan like Haqqani network to destabilize Afghanistan are being crushed day by day.

10) By building Chahbahar, Pakistan is soon going to become irrelevant in Afghanistan.

11) New dams,road projects, infrastructure is building in Afghanistan, which is even better than Pakistan. So Pakistan dream of keeping Afghanistan as slave country is shattered.

12) Last but not the least, on a recent survey, 75% Afghans love India and favors India. On the other hand, Afghans are welcomed everywhere like brothers in India. Whereas Pakistan are abused from both sides.

Writer :
Musa Khan Safi
Political activist
Kunar , Afghanistan

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