Are Peace and Developments possible in Pakistan?

Peace and developments in Pakistan?Khyber Pukhtunkhwa is burning

Are Peace and Developments Possible in Pakistan?

The actual development is the efficient and effective utilization of resources with pre-defined objectives and goals of institutions of a particular country. For achieving it, it has to bring forth the intellectual capital with solid strategy for the short and long run; simultaneously it needs visionary leadership, who can produce honest and intellectual managers to handle the internal and external state affairs.

Punjab dominated military and civil establishment

Punjab dominated military and civil establishment

Achieving optimization and equality is yet seemingly very difficult in Pakistan; it comprises mix of nations with majority of the population and districts in the Province of Punjab, holding the central executive power in political arena through the farce of democracy. Punjab has made hostages other nationalities , Pukhtuns, Baloch  and Shindi by the powerful Pakistan dominated Army, Establishment and Judiciary.
The Pukhtuns , Balochs and Sindhi are living on their own lands just like the refugees. That is the reason that they want freedom from Pakistan.

The image of democracy is so clear that few families are ruling Pakistan either one way or the other way, and some naive are trying to make their mark with flux of finances to their friends and foes to get in the list of ruling elite class through nominal democratic processes, striving for personal gains and working thoroughly on how to sustain in long run is the their prime strategy. We all have seen the successors to the throne ruling throughout the history of Pakistan and they exist even today with the help of psycho-paralyzed administrators.

The blunt managers of establishment are far more interested to secure themselves, their own and somehow unable to give safety and security to the masses living from hand to mouth and working hard to produce some resources for the generations to come but in vain and eating their hearts out in frustration with fake hopes of better days created through the ancient tools of controlling human minds.

Where are human rights organizations? Pashtun Kid .

Where are human rights organizations? Pashtun Kid .

Where are the Human Rights organizations? Pashtun Kid

Where are the Human Rights organizations? Pashtun Kid

Using the close system (one way communication )of print and electronic media to build the narratives and manipulate the junta against the reality, Brag Yousaf in his book “ the bear trap” described the Jihad narrative was created with the help of C.I.A to support the afghan Taliban and Jihad, yet after 3 decades the reality has been exposed to almost all around the world, that it was avenging Soviet union for the 1955-73 Vietnam war defeat, in Afghanistan through using the frontiers of Pakistan with the help of Pak Army, during the days of afghan jihad in general the Pakistanis and in particular the innocent and forthright Pukhtoons had joined the movement.

Calling the spade a spade the innocent tribal people were studied in cultural perspective so manipulated, trained and brainwashed by the military of Pakistan for getting into the war of two big powers for the sake of dollars and lust for new technology in warfare under the guise of warm water theory.

Soon after the defeat and dismemberment of Soviet Union, all the interested countries in Afghan Jihad ,including USA and UK, left Afghanistan on the mercy of Pakistan Army, Establishment and Pakistan intelligence organization ISI. And thus Pakistan continued their dirty game in Afghanistan to destroy it further. And it continued till 9/11 tragedy.

One Pakistan Army general and Brig. in white dress with the militants leader

One Pakistan Army general and Brig. in white dress with the militants leader

When the 9/11 happened, and giving the U.S a platform to invade Afghanistan, the U.S led NATO force was allowed by the military of Pakistan to strike into the federally administrated tribal areas (FATA), the part of sovereign state of Pakistan. For this part the print and electronic media was conspicuously used in re-shaping the Mujahedeen as terrorists. And they succeeded in doing so, and got coalition funds, military aids, loans from their masters to run the economic system, and satiate their bellies craving for power on the cost of Pashtun and Baloch bloods.

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This part of the world, was colonized by the British imperialists, and has been automatically shifted to a different master with the transition of power to U.S after world war-II, this colony is controlled through the agents in politics, establishment, bureaucracy, judiciary and media to help manipulate the public against the reality…!

Major part of billion rupees budget every year is given to the defense sector, the former general of Pakistan Army Pervaiz kiani in a press release admitted that is not 80% but 65%. Of the total revenue generated by the hard work of ordinary Pakistanies goes to them. Yet without any defined goals and objectives to prevent and mitigate the risks rather committing blunders over and over.

The few nations across the world who got their independence after Pakistan are far more developed, and living relatively happy and peaceful, the cause of their development is aforementioned in lead, rather nominal investment on projects to create a way for embezzlement , “the dull and blunt administrators have to stop lying and must end the dramas of keeping the people busy”.

As a result Pakistan is on the brink of disintegration.

Craving for superiority in the world, we ought to capitalize the national resources on equal footings with sincerity, honesty, and truthfulness on national (peace, education, health, and economy) is the only solution and in the best interest of the people living in this part of the world.

kamran pic_fact_2Writte by:
Kamran Badshah
Bureau Chief of “THE VOICE TIMES” (TVT)
Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Chapter.

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