PAR- 6/7 : Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Pakistan is burningPakistan is burning

PAR- 6/7 : Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Historically, states and empires regularly come and go. The U.N. was founded with 51 states and now has 192.
As an already-failed state, a malign supporter of radical Islamic causes, and the epicenter of global terrorism,

pakistan 1Pakistan has reached the point of no return.
Pakistan face Civil war like situation, , ethnic cleansing , terrorism , proliferation of weapons of mas destruction, organized crime , disease , poverty and mass starvation.
Which leads now pakistan to the verge of collapse and disintegration. .
The identity of Pakistan has never been clear .The failure of the economy, political incoherence, separatism, corruption, and the rise of extremists are all problems.

Bruce Riedel sees Pakistan as ripe for change, “but it could be radical change for the worst,” and that the battle for the soul of Pakistan has never been so acute.
Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal would be at stake, and relations with India would also worsen, as would relations with the United States. Riedel’s policy recommendation is that this is a future to be avoided at all costs, and that America must work with remaining moderate elements in Pakistan.Pakistan faces a threat to its very existence.

He warns that the day of reckoning is coming and that the more time that is taken to address the rot, “the bloodier and more protracted the confrontation is likely to be.” And, of course, the fall of Pakistan to radical Islamic forces would be calamitous for the rest of the world, even though there is probably “little that the rest of the world can do to prevent this.

Pakistan 2
Due to the grown insurgency , the stability of Pakistan is now seriously in question. Relations between Pakistan and the United states are also strained. Both of them have substantial differences of opinion about the appropriated strategy in Afghanistan and how to deal with the wider insurgency. USA has accused elements within Pakistan’s intelligence service and the Pakistani military of supporting insurgent groups fighting in Afghanistan including Haqqani network to gain influence in Afghanistan, as well as supporting groups focused on fighting Indian.

pakistan 4

Even Beijing has been unusually forthright in telling Islamabad that it will not intervene in the event of an Indo-Pakistani war.
On account of Islamabad’s adventurousness in Kargil and its failure to crack down on terrorists operating from Pakistani soil in china, as a consequence bejing’s position on Kashmir has moved towards News Delhi’s and Washington’s : India and Pakistan need to resolve their dispute through bilateral discussions , not third-party intervention.

With Islamabad’s ever closer links to international terrorism, Pakistan’s nuclear materials could more easily fall into dangerous hands.
Pakistan 5  pakistan 6There is little that links Pakistan and the United States in any positive , proactive way, because Pakistan Army and establishment have always been telling US lie. Pakistani army and establishment are professional liars and cheaters. Since 1947 the two countries were allies in name but friends hardly at all.
The United states had resumed large-scale economic military assistance to Pakistan, in exchange for Islamabad’s cooperation in rooting out Taliban fighter and Alqaeda member operating on Pakistan soil. But Pakistan was plying double cross game.
Relations between Pakistan and United states, Pakistan and India and Pakistan and Afghanistan are key to understanding the foreign policy of Pakistan, but Pakistan is in very strained relation with all these countries.
First and most important is the fact that the Pakistani army has lost some degree of its power and capability. It is still admired in Pakistan, but the sheen has gone due to a number of reasons. Wars with India never affected the Pakistan army because war with India is popular among Pakistanis even if the army gets its butt kicked. But the Paki army created and maintained jihadi forces because they could outsource the responsibility of fighting to them while escaping the consequences of defeat
Pakistan 7General ® HamPakistan 8id Gul is on record as saying that all the mujahedin /Taliban factions will join the Pakistani army if war will break out against India.
General ® Musharraf also stated that the mujaheddin and Taliban are Pakistan’s secret weapon against India.
Decrepit economy , export of terrorism , Shortage of electricity and fuel, broken down railway and air system system, low tax base and collection, easy availability of arms and explosives also the main problems in Pakistan.
Pakistan is full of guns and bombs and this will be utilized by everyone.
Pakistan’s hostility towards India will not cease, but they may seek temporary concessions and partial peace while they can recover to simply bite India in the butt again.

pakistan 9
—to be continued……

Writer : Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief


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