PART 4/7: Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Pakistan is burningPakistan is burning

PART 4/7: Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Attempts by the Pakistani government to micro-manage the economy have failed. The ill consequences of government economic control have been exacerbated by political instability.
In fact, foreign investment has completely collapsed. Unemployment and inflation are high; economic infrastructure is decrepit; even Islamabad suffers routine power outages. The practice of democracy has been consistently corrupt, incompetent, and disillusioning.
The political system is essentially authoritarian with a democratic veneer. The government is ineffective, discouraging individual and communal action.
Taliban and Generals -3Moreover, the elections are formally but not practically free. Even when civilian politicians formally ruled, they could not control the military and especially the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency ISI, which long aided the Taliban and various terrorist groups against the elected government in Kabul.

A nuclear-armed military and ISI have sponsored Islamic extremism as an intrinsic part of their foreign policy for nearly four decades. That’s why it is extremely difficult for Pakistan to give up its self-destructive and double dealing policy after 9/11 under the watchful eye of CIA. Islamabad cannot be trusted to confront the problem of terrorism and extremism because , the military and ISI have too many ties, both formal and informal, with these terrorists and extremists.
Pak on verge AzamAzaPak on verge osamam the ideological father of Al Qaeda was the mentor of Osama bin Laden. After co-founding the Maktab al Kidmat-il-mujahideen-al Arab or Afghan, its Service Bureau was in Peshawar in Pakistan . Azzam and Osama ran it together for several years under the cover of ISI.

The Al Qaeda and the Taliban supported by ISI have destroyed the culture of Pakistan and rendered it into a state of turmoil and despair where no one can say when a suicide bomber will appear and blow himself up .There are everyday shoot-outs between Islamic factions .Both the Taliban and the Al Qaeda have changed the character of Pakistan forever making it one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
Often described as the most dangerous place on earth, Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal region serves as a haven for Al Qaeda operatives, Pakistani militants, and Jihadists from across the Islamic world. Muslim radicals from the United States and Europe who come for ideological instruction to Pakistan and to plot terrorist attacks in their home countries. Pak on verg 3
Al Qaeda is gaining strength. A flood of recruits from Pakistan’s well-educated urban middle class—young people, professionals, and retired military officers—have flocked to its strongholds in the tribal areas. This new generation of militants, committed to global jihad, act as a magnet for Muslim radicals from across the world. They are part of a new Al Qaeda that has taken root in Pakistan.
The economic and political costs of the spreading militant violence have been huge, threatening to destabilize the country. Meanwhile, high inflation and growing unemployment have fueled discontent among Pakistanis, providing an even more conducive environment for religious extremism.
The recent blow-back from these policies is now threatening the state, undermining the Army , decapitating the political elite and drowning the country into a sea of blood.
That’s why The fragmentation of the country has become a real possibility.
At this stage the Army may have not wanted to be stuck attempting to govern the ungovernable.
durand lineThe Afghan-Pakistani border is an artifact of history, artificially dividing one nation the Pukhtuns. The mapmakers of Durand line sowed the seeds of endless conflict. Predictably, the tribesmen despised the artificial divide, and continued to move freely across the border as if it did not exist.
So the best solution is to remove the Durand line as soon as possible and Pukhtuns living in Pakistan should be integrated to their motherland Afghanistan.


Ralph peterRalph Peters, a retired army officer, had speculated that the khyber Pukhtunkhwa, long the scene of ethno nationalistic movements, would break away from Pakistan as soon as possible and join their motherland Afghanistan.
Islamabad does not like the U.S. supports a government in Kabul, that’s why Islamabad is going to meddle, often against American objectives.
Since 1947 Kashmir has been a running sore between India and Pakistan, over which the two countries have fought four wars in 1947, 1965 , 1971 and in 1999. Kashmir is still a festering sore between India and Pakistan.
Pakistan Army and its Intelligence unit, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) tried its best to rouse the people to rebel against India , but all these attempts failed.

haqqani 3The Haqhaqqani 1qani network has perhaps 10,000 fighters battling U.S. and other NATO forces in Afghanistan. Its strong connections with Al Qaeda have made the network the most dangerous insurgent faction in Afghanistan.
The Pakistani military and establishment plan that after 2014 , there will be civil war in Afghanistan , then they will use the Haqqani network and Taliban group as proxy forces to protect Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan against other tribes and the much-feared Indian influence. However , India has never been responsible for initiating any of the wars with Pakistan.
“The Haqqani network acts as a veritable arm of the ISI,” charged Admiral Mike Mullen.

Ambassador HaqqaniPakistan is potentially dangerous to itself, the region, and the world. So Hussian Haqqani former Abassador of Pakistan believes Pakistan’s threat to itself and the world, is essentially a failure to come to terms with itself as a nation. It would make it even harder to deal with the country’s sectarian divide ,the ethnic tensions, the insurgency in Baluchistan; and the spread of the “Pakistani Taliban” out of the border tribal areas into the heartlands.

Pakistan is on the verge of collapse and disintegration due to internal political turmoil , terrorist threats,export of terrorism, economic problems and territorial disputes with Afghanistan and India. But even then Pakistan still has the energy and gumption to promote proxy wars in Afghanistan, Kashmir and India. Pakistan hates India and Afghanistan , because it realizes that Pukhtunkhwa , Balochistan and Kashmir may slip from its grip at any time.
Without the elimination of Pakistan, “India,Afghanistan and the remaining world may never become secure nations”.

The civilized world wishes peace and economic prosperity against a threatening climate, growing population, an oncoming oil crisis, and worldwide economic woes, then for how long the world community will tolerate the negative and spoiling behavior of Pakistan.

Pakistan is more dangerous as an independent state than a disintegrated state.
Because Pakistan can be taken over by terrorist elements supported by a manipulative ISI at any time. which will be then a huge disaster for the whole world community.

Map 3Although this whole reorganization will change the boundaries of the region, but one thing that has to be undertaken that it will be a welcome change to the current bloodshed, turmoil, and export of terrorism. Very often, major change is needed to change the status quo when minor changes don’t succeed.


The central Asian states to the North of Afghanistan with a lot of untapped oil and gas deposit are land locked. The world community can easily has approach to central Asian state through Afghanistan but again Pakistan is a problem. So the best solution is to get rid of Pakistan that will make not only that region but the whole world safe and economically prosperous. It will create the mechanisms in which the rule of law and civil society would grow and flourish. Otherwise then Alqaeda and other terrorist groups can exploit the gap to make the situation worst in that region.

Time is ripe for action at this current time where Pakistan is reeling under internal imbalances. If a boxer will not knock out his opponent when the opponent is dizzy and imbalanced, then other opportunities are only guesswork.

Eventually, for India , Afghanistan and the world community to succeed, Pakistan must be out of the picture and cease to exist for the peace on earth.
Therefore, throughout the world community must actively work towards that objective rather than waiting passively in spectator stands.

“superpower Soviet Union collapsed because it was built on an idea that did not work. This is the biggest danger to Pakistan which also rests on the idea .

U pak 2U Pak 1Asking whether Pakistan will exist in the future is actually a “trick” question: Pakistan already does not exist. The “illegal creation” ceased to exist in 1971. Pakistan itself remains unsure about why it exists.
Pakistan will collapse because of no governance, problematic relationship with its Islamic Identity, history of military rule, struggle of power between army and political parties, incompetent leadership, President Ziaulhaq Islamization reforms, territorial dispute with Afhanistan, Kashmir problem , geopolitical insecurities, and support of ISI with the Jehadies and other militants.
And when the end comes, it tends to be all over fairly quickly.

India sees itself as a major rising Asian state and Pakistan is a drag on it.
Poverty, terrorism, corruption and Jihad are four pillar of Pakistan state.
Pakistani nuclear weapons are not safe. Paksitan was never a viable nation idea.
Nation created on religious identities and anti- indianness itself was denial to one’s own identity. The leaders of Pakistan are distorting the history of Pakistan. They are international lairs including Jinnah

In any case, time will only tell that how long Pakistani leaders and Army can fool the civil society by their distorted history.
Pakistan is collapsing and disintegrating as soon as possible, because its all departments and institutions are failed .
Once an American who said we assumed that with all our aid and alliances we believed that Pakistan would emerge as an independent democratic state. However, it turned out that India, which did not get our military assistance and partnership, has emerged as that kind of country.

In India, the military has a legitimate role but still remains under the government’s control.Once cheif of Army staff of India called Indra Gandhi , the then prime minister of India , to discuss some political issues. She told him come tomorrow to my office, When he came to her office, she handed over termination letter to the general and told him that Politics is our job not yours. You have to protect the borders of India.
core commander meetingBut in Pakistan government is controlled by the military. When government does some think which the Army don’t like, they convene the core commander meeting just to warn the government.
In Pakistan, the military has identified enemies among its own fellow-citizens. If you demonise your own people, you are in deep trouble.You can’t treat the Pukhuns , the Baloch, or other ethnic or religious minorities the way you treat foreign enemies. That’s the route to catastrophe.

China can not teach pakistan the democracy because in China itself there is no democracy . There is one party totalitarian government in China.
Also Pakistan, like North Korea, uses its nuclear asset and its political fragility as a means to extract concessions from other countries.
In Pakistan where people are not able to afford bread for two times a day, then how some one can talk about science and technology.

Now the entire world agrees that the right to an education is a first prerequisite to the development of any sector. Education gives people the skills they need to help themselves out of poverty and move into prosperity. But in Pakistan budget for education is negligible. Because they think the educated people threat for their power, influence and survival. In addition to holding political power, the Pakistani army controls vast commercial and industrial interests and owns massive rural and urban properties.
As a result the curse of illiteracy in Pakistan is at its peak.

Catastrophic failure of this nuclear-armed state is surely a possibility. In the worst case, Pakistan would simply come apart, spewing nuclear technology and terrorists in all directions. which will be then a huge disaster for the world.

And the problem is that there is no savior ahead: all models have failed; leaders have failed; religious Parties have failed; capitalism has failed; socialism has failed; political parties have failed.”
Every institution has failed.

ztarget killingTarget killing, suicide attacks are very common now a days. People are no more afraid of these things they are getting use to it. Office worker in Pakistan has a fear , will they return home after a hard day at office. Students have fear will they return home safely after school. Everyone from a child to grown up carries this fear.In Pakistan from a bus driver to a president each and everyone thinks about themselves, it doesn’t matter what happens to Pakistan.

The word Pakistan means pure but nothing seems pure In Pakistan.
Pakistan brandishing terror backed by a nuclear gun is the biggest threat to itself ,to global and regional security.

The social and economic disparities present in a Punjab dominated Pakistan which has deployed Islam as a political resource to undercut Pashtun and Baloch nationalism , have turned it into an “epicenter of terror” or “terrorist breeding ground”.
Democracy in Pakistan, especially after the liberation of Bangladesh, is a chimera.
The seeds of ‘Punjabistan’ sown in the first decade of Pakistan’s existence have today created a country at war with itself and ready to balkanize……… to be continued…..

Writer : Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief



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