PART- 7/7: Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Pakistan is burningPakistan is burning

PART- 7/7: Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

General PerEditorial 1vez Musharraf fooled himself and he fooled everyone else,including his allies in the world..
Pakistan is stuck between being an outright military dictatorship and a stable democracy.
Future would be a radical transformation and the rise of Islamist or a breakaway movement led by the Pukhtun and Baloch .
Yet with the obvious breakdown of law and order, the decline of the economy, as well as a dysfunctional civilian-military relationship change and transformation are coming,
Weakness in governance, obvious breakdown of law and order , education, and the absence of land reform , the decline of the economy, as well as a dysfunctional civilian-military relationship made Pakistan a victim of contemporary globalization.
The negative aspects of Islamist globalization have hit Pakistan hard.
Pakistan today stands in the midst of a diverse set of issues that will drive its

editorial 4Editorial 2The gravest of which is the problem of militancy that poses a threat to its security and has been eating away at its economy. Pakistan will never find itself on the path to recovery unless it tackles its problem of insurgency and becomes an economically viable state that does not rely on foreign assistance the underlying requirement is the presence of good governance, strong institutions and a true democracy.
Editorial 5
The current political, economic and foreign policies in place will most likely lead the country to disaster because of their short sighted and adhoc nature , the polarization of its society that is on the verge of fragmentation.

There exists the liberal/extremist divide, the rich/poor divide and the civil/military divide that makes national cooperation extremely difficult will lead the country complete anarchy. If things continue to proceed the same
way they are now, a public uprising is likely to take place somewhere in the near or distant future.

There is no any symptoms of change in the policies or direction in the near future unless something unforeseen comes to pass. The policy is shaped by the Army, military & civil establishment that try to bend these policies in their own favor.
Editorial 7Pakistan’s econeditorial 8omy is in shambles , no one is secure . 51% of the population lives below the absolute poverty line of $1 a day, while 74% of it lives below $ 2 a day according to the oxford Poverty Research center statistics.

Poverty remains to be the biggest driver behind the explosion of militancy in the tribal areas.Probelms of Pakistan are Economy , education, urbanization, demographic changes , failed foreign policy, terrorism, civil military relations, political system , law and order, and identity crisis.

On the name of National security state , Pakistan is looted by the Army.

Line of control (LOC), Pakistan says it is not international boarder but India says it is international border, Pakistan says Durand line is international border but Afghanistan says no , it is not international border.

Editorial 9
The Durand Line originally caused extremely sour relations with Afghanistan, which was the only nation to vote against Pakistan’s admission into the United Nations.
Furthermore, the boundaries between Pakistan and India were established by the British and this caused not only the dispute over Kashmir but also gave Pakistan only one major port, in Karachi, which is in the state of Baluchistan.

The history of independent Pakistan is a long and tortuous one, including many military juntas, imposition of martial law, military repression and the dissolution of democratic rule.

Editorial 10
Pakistan became the most dangerous place in the world for journalist to work not just because of the Taliban but also because of the security agencies.

The lack of basic political freedoms, grinding poverty , huge economic disparities , and an Islamic extremist political underground are set to plunge into ever greater trumoil.

Editorial 11

Army and religious groups Naik Mohammad-3

Pakistan continues its contradictory policies towards Islamic militancy and the army will strengthen its links with the extremists and the militant movement. The risk of nuclear leakage could recur. Pakistan’s arsenal , is sliding out of control as terrorists gained new foothholds in Islamabad.

Mashal PicWriter : Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief


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