PART 2/7 ; Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Pakistan is burningPakistan is burning

PART 2/7 ; Pakistan on the verge of collapse and disintegration

Part 2/7 : Lord Wavell Plan:

When Lord wavell became the viceroy of British India in 1946, he brought with him the breakdown plan. He wrote to London, that we will handover the Hindu dominated provinces to them and the British with their families and army will move to the Muslim dominated provinces. He further writes, that Feroz khan noon who is working as messenger between men and Jinnah, came to see me, I told him about my breakdown plan. Feroz Khan Noon replied me let me ask from Jinnah. When he came back , he told me that we don’t have any objection if you will stay here.

Lord wavell and jinnahLord Wavell and Jinnah

Lord wavell writes in viceroys general that Liaqat Ali khan told me that you must stay in India as many year as you want and we the Muslims have no objection about it.

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In 1946 when it was clear that the British will soon leave the India, then Jinnah and Liaqat ali khan started to struggle to get Pakistan in any shape.
Hodson writes in his book” the great divide”, that Liaqat Ali khan once told Lord Mountbatten, the then Viceroy of India, if your Excellency was prepared to let Muslim league have only the Sindh deserts , we would still prepare to accept that Pakistan.
The ex- foreign minister of Pakistan Sahibzada Yaqook khan says in an interview, that when Jinnah met with Lord Mountbatten, after the meeting the British chief of staff was asked about the meeting , he took out a match box from his pocket and replied, I have the impression that if we give Jinnah the Pakistan equal to this match box , even then he will accept it.

Because after the British would leave India, Jinnah and his cronies had nothing to do in India due to their treacherous activities against the people of India.

Hodson further writes , quoting the last viceroy of British India , Lord Mountbatten, that Jinnah gives me the impression of a man who has not thought out one single piece of the mechanics of his scheme about Pakistan.

When there was meeting between the Indian National congress, Muslim league and the British , the Muslim league was represented by Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten had told Jinnah just to nod his head positively when I will say some thing in the meeting on behalf of Muslim league and Jinnah had done what he was dictated.

U collaps 2Jinnah with Lord Mountbatten & his wife

When it was decided that in June 1948 will be partition of India. But afterwords when it was found that Jinnah is near to die, then they rescheduled it to August 1947.

U collpas 3Professor Stanley Wolpert His “Jinnah of Pakistan” .
How Jinnah enjoyed alcohol &pork.
He was responsible for murder of 1.2 million people in partition riots on both sides of border.This guy already one leg in the coffin satisfied his death wish of become governer General of somewhere even though it meant swimming in the blood of innocents. Alcoholic,chain smoker,TB Patient who died in cancer was the worst person have never born on earth. When he was 42 year old married a 18 year old girl backstabbing his friend Sir Dinsha Petit. His two nation theory sank in bay of Bengal when Bangladesh was created. The Muslim League, headed by Jinnah,proposed the 2Nation Theory in the early 20th century, But today India has the3rd largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia & Pakistan . India has shown interest joining OIC as observer nation.
Jinnah created a Pakistan where not even his own daughter & grandson live. His family continues life in India till today.

When Pakistan came into being in 1947 , the Muhajirs ( Refugees)  who betrayed their motherland India and  migrated to Pakistan, were from 3 to 5 percent and Punjabi were 25 percent of the whole population of East and west Pakistan. But in Army , Judiciary and in civill military establishment the Punjabi were more than  80%.

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Urdu language is the language of 200 years introduced by Moghul empires in India.
Punjabi is the only nation in the world who banned their own language Punjabi. They don’t speak Punjabi in their homes. Their kids are not allowed to speak Punjabi at home. Punjabi speak Punjabi when they beat their wives and kids or calling names. Or when they are drunk then they speak Punjabi otherwise not.
But in exchange of it all Pakistan was given to Punjabi to make hostages the remaining nationalities.

Pukhtuns, Baloch , Bengali and Sindhi have thousands of years their own rich history language and rich cultures. Pakistan has destroyed the history, society, culture and language of the Pukhtuns, Baloch , Sindhi and minorities. Punjabi hat those nationalities in Pakistan who love their culture, history and language. 

As a result Pakistan became an orphan state historically , linguistically and culturally.

The “One Unit Pakistan” philosophy practiced by the Punjab centric military has driven the country towards a genocidal path. And its national shift, sectarian strife and misgovernment were strong centrifugal forces acting towards its future Balkanization. The other nationalities in Pakistan except Punjabi prefer to say themselves the Pukhtuns, Baloch and Sindhi rather than Pakistani.
However after 1971 when East Pakistan became Bangladesh there is no Pakistan any more any way.

Pakistani Society is riddled and is the victim of deep ethnic , social and economic fissures. The Pukhtuns , Baloch and Sindhi could divide the nation, as Bengali nationalism did in 1971, when east Pakistan became Bangladesh ..…….. to be continued.

Writer : Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief

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