MPs Question NUG’s Credibility Because Of Vacant Cabinet Posts

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MPs Question NUG’s Credibility Because Of Vacant Cabinet Posts

More than three years after the establishment of the National Unity Government (NUG) President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah’s cabinet is still not complete – an issue that is frequently criticized by politicians and lawmakers. 

Parliament’s speaker said the national unity government was illegal as it had failed to appoint a cabinet as pledged three years ago.

“To improve good governance, every ministry has to implement a three pronged-legal commitment,” Ghani said at his inauguration in 2014.

On Monday, speaker of Afghanistan’s parliament Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi said the NUG is an illegal government as it has failed to bring an end to the job of caretakers in the ministries.

Lawmakers also strongly criticized government for what they described as an insult to lawmakers over their decisions.

“If today government leaders hear our voice, we suggest they work for the trust of the people, government needs to be a legal one, it should not further delay this process,” said Ibrahimi.

After assuming office, Ghani pledged to form the new cabinet within 45 days, something critics say he has failed to deliver on  – even three years after the formation of government.

“All these plots are being made outside to sabotage the image of parliament in the public’s mindset so that the president can easily get rid of this monitoring body,” said MP Fawzia Kofi.

Over the past three years the NUG leaders have on different occasions pledged to resolve the issue of caretaker ministers, but no solid steps were taken in this respect.

Many across the country say that the caretaker issue has damaged governance in the institutions.

“Discussions have been finalized over the ministries which have no minister, ministerial nominees will be soon sent to house of representatives,” said deputy presidential spokesman Dawa Khan Menapal.

Currently the ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of defense, ministry of education, ministry of higher education, ministry of transport, ministry of social affairs and labors, ministry of information and culture, ministry of mines and petroleum, ministry of economy, ministry of rural rehabilitation and development and the ministry of agriculture are being governed by caretaker ministers._ Tolonews


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