The ineffectiveness of the present world leadership

The increased use of ever advancing technology has made our world a global village. In any corner of this global village, if something is deemed advantageous or useful in solving a certain problem, undoubtedly every member of this village appreciates this. For example, through the use of technology and advancement of devices such as smart phones, laptops, and tablets, people can easily communicate through text, audio or video with others around the world within seconds. This allows people to be increasingly aware of news and situations around the world. For example, in the case of a devastating tragedy, there are numerous humanitarian relief organizations that can extend aid to those in need irrespective of race, religion, language and other variables. However, sometimes even these organizations face difficulty in reaching those in need because political regimes of conflicting agendas and their followers create barriers against them. If one were to further investigate these barriers, we would discover that corrupt political regimes and their biased leaderships are the main reasons for these barriers because anything that is not according to their political agenda is considered unacceptable. This causes different political regimes to be divided as each remains biased in their own self-interests which in return causes increased political turmoil in that certain region. This increased division complicates the communication between leaderships of various political bodies.
As previously mentioned, society makes use of increased technology, but unfortunately leaderships of different political ideologies and doctrines remain narrow-minded and subsequently ineffective in appropriately employing this technology to aid society in general. The following reasons and examples adequately prove this above statement:
If we were to consider the amount of funds that go towards the army and military, and instead use them on health, education and agriculture, it is safe to say that within a short span of time there would be no ill person without medical treatment, education would be readily available, and lands currently used for agriculture would be able to yield enough produce to feed not only the current population but perhaps even double the current population.
We can recall that in December 3, 1967, Dr. Christian Bernard successfully completed the first heart transplant in South Africa. Within the nearly fifty years since this medical milestone in a relatively less developed country, if government bodies in developed countries had allocated a higher budget towards healthcare, then by now it could have been possible that no illness would remain incurable.
Additionally, if for example instead of the production of weaponry, funds were directed toward geological explorations, then today our geologists and engineers would be successful in not only removing minerals from the earth’s surface, but even lower into the crust. This in return would assist in economic growth.
There are perhaps many reasons why the government body as a whole is not paying attention to the above points. However, I believe that the ineffectiveness and indifference of these government bodies will eventually veer humanity towards its imminent demise. If today’s leaders do not change their way of dealing with international matters, it is not unreasonable to say that we will be heading towards another world war. Needless to say, this war could turn out to be a nuclear war and be the end of humanity.
This indifference reminds us of renowned Iranian writer, Mohammad Hejazi’s tale about Satan’s plan for the destruction of the human race. In short summary of this tale, Satan advises his followers that if they want to destroy a family, they should try to select the least effective member of the family as the leader; if they want to destroy a village, region, country or even human society at large, they should make sure that each of the above areas are ruled by the least caring and most unproductive, unintelligent and insensitive leaders. Once the region’s leadership is weak, one can simply stand aside and watch as their society falls apart.
If we pay attention to what is happening in the world right now, it seems that Satan’s plan in Hejazi’s tale is gradually unfolding.

Engineer Sultan Kaliwal
Toronto , Canada




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