Indian army believes in human rights, says Rawat

Indian army believes in human rights, says Rawat

Indian army believes in human rights, says Rawat

NEW DELHI: Amid widespread charges of gross abuse of the military’s arbitrary powers in Jammu and Kashmir against civilians, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said on Saturday that the army believed in human rights, and misinformation about this was spurring young people to take to arms against it.

General Rawat told reporters here that “necessary actions” were being taken to bring the tense situation in the disputed state under control.

Indian Express quoted him as saying that the army cared about lives of people and would make sure rights are not violated.

“Parts of South Kashmir are troublesome. Necessary actions being taken to ensure situation there is soon brought under control,” he said, adding, “We care about human life and make sure human rights are not violated.”

“We are trained to handle such situations. We believe very strongly in human rights.”

His comments followed a slew of criticism of his record in handling the anti-Indian upsurge in the troubled state.

General Rawat also said misinformation was causing those from the younger generations to pick up arms in the valley.

“Some misinformation is being spread among people of J&K and possibly compelling some of the younger generations to pick up arms,” the Express quoted him as saying.

The army chief’s comments also came as the National Conference leaders on Saturday held a dharna outside the Jammu and Kashmir assembly to protest the use of pellet guns on students.

The chief had also recently announced the induction of women in combat roles in the army. The army also faced criticism for using a Kashmiri man, Farooq Dar, as a human shield.

Mr Dar was tied to the front of a police jeep to keep stone pelters from attacking the police and army. However, an army major, who ordered for Dar to be tied to the jeep, was awarded with the Chief of Army Staff’s commendation card for his efforts in counter-insurgency operations, the Express said._ Dawn


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