History is a bath of blood.

Afghanistan is burning

History is a bath of blood. ( Afghanistan is burning)


THE AFGHANS must learn from their history. In the first great game, the conflict was between the Russia and British Empire but the battle field was Afghanistan,
The conflict is between the Saudi Arabia and Iran but the battle field is Afghanistan.
Likewise , the conflict  is between the India and Pakistan but the battle field is Afghanistan.

Now for decades , the battle is of the terrorists with the world but the battle field is Afghanistan.

history 1And above all Pakistan has direct interest to destabilize and destroy Afghanistan to the extent that it will not be able to demand for its territory “PUKHTUNKHWA” from Pakistan, because Pakistan has occupied the territory of Afghanistan from Durand line to the Indus river. Due to the hostile policy of Pakistan towards Afghanistan , 2 million Afghans were killed since 1978, and it continues till to date.

So suffering a lot for decades , now Afghans are in the position to know what happened yesterday , what happens today and what will happen tomorrow in Afghanistan. They know about their past , present and future foes. But unfortunately , some Afghans are still unprepared to understand the nature of their foes and are playing in the hands of Pakistan intelligence organization ISI and destroy their own motherland Afghanistan.

history 2History tells the Afghans where , whom , how and why they must fight for the sake of peace, integrity and stability of their motherland Afghanistan and get their lost territory , “PUKHTUNKHWA” back from Pakistan.


history 4Afghans must know that they are at war any way , the war will not be short and it can not be waged on the cheap. They have sacrificed 2 millions lives of their own children , brothers and sisters. The enemies are their neighbours, the Pakistan and the Iran.  They must be prepared for it. Their enemies Pakistan and Iran  are killing every man, woman and child in Afghanistan. But for the Afghans the key to destroying their enemies  is the strength of will. Now the time has come that they should be prepared to fight their enemies  to the death , they will be the victors otherwise  their enemies  will keep on killing them generation by generation as they have been doing till now.

There are various Myths as mentioned below:

history 51. Myth # 1: If Afghans kill terrorists , they only turn them into martyrs. It is NONSENSE. They must kill their enemy until he quits. They will have to kill terrorists and their remaining followers . They must teach the lesson to the countries like Pakistan and Iran which have been destroying Afghanistan for their vested interests.


history 32. Myth #2 : The Afghans  dare not kill innocent civilians , it is not the culture of Afghans . But the countries like Germany and Japan in the second world war were bombed without thinking of civilians. Even atomic bomb was dropped on Japan. Pakistan and Iran are playing the same role now in Afghanistan as Germany and Japan had been playing in the second world war. Pakistan and Iran are killing  innocent civilians in Afghanistan. So both Pakistan and Iran must be treated as Germany and Japan had been treated during the second world war. Do Pakistan and Iran think about the civilians casualties in Afghanistan? Then why should others think about ?

Why the civilians of Pakistan and Iran are not standing against the terrorist policy of their countries.

text 2

history 63. Myth # 3 : If US and NATO military doctrine is discredited by now in Afghanistan , it should be the myth of the surgical strike. It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it. Pakistan and Iran are the main culprits in this dirty game in Afghanistan and they must be treated with iron hands.



If in 1947 India would wait for fighting with pen , then it would be colony for further unlimited time because at that time the literacy rate in British India was from 2 to 4 %.

Pakistan destroys the schools in the Pukhtun and Baloch territories and destroys Afghanistan as a whole to keep the people  uneducated , then how they will educate their people. First the Pukhtuns  must get independence from Pakistan and annex to their motherland Afghanistan for the sake of the bright future of GREAT AFGHANISTAN.

In Pakistan,  in the Pukhtun area FATA ( Federal Administered Trible Area) in 2015 ,  the literacy rate in the male is 10% and in female 3%. Where are the world human rights organizations? Where is the civilized world community to take notice of it. Pakistan organized the religious schools in FATA and other Pukhtun’s areas to prepare the future jihadies , terrorists for their proxy wars in Afghanistan , Kashmir and India.  Pakistan also use them to crush the Pukhtuns and Baloch nationalist movements who want to get rid of Pakistan.


Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief


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