The five EVILS who destroyed Afghanistan

The five EvilsThe five Evils

The Five Evils who destroyed Afghanistan

Former interior minister of Pakistan , General Naseerullah Babar gave an Interview to a Journalist Farhad Ali Khawar:

Babar said to him that I was invited by the then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Alo Bhutto . He ( Bhutto) told me that the Durand Line Agreement is expiring in 1993, so Afghanistan Must be destabilized, because Afghanistan will demand for its territories from Durand line to Indus river.

Babar says that I invited Gul Buddin Hikmat Yar , Ahmad Shah Mahsood , Burhanuddin Rabbani and other religious youngsters from Afghanistan . I met with them in Bala Hisar port in Peshawar. I gave them money and 303 rifles to destabilize Afghanistan. Thus we started to destabilize and burn Afghanistan.

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Babar further added that we burnt Afghanistan to such an extent that even former Soviet Union also burnt in it. And now Afghanistan will never have the power to demand for the removal of the Durand line. That is the service I (Babar) have done for Pakistan.

Wali Khan writes in his book that once one of my Afghan friend came to me. It was the early days of Afghan revoluction, He told me a few days ago some Mullahs came to our village in Afghanistan that from the nearby village , the Russians had come and kidnapped the women. If you want to protect your honor go to Pakistan with your families. Then he told Wali Khan that we went to that village to know about this tragedy. The villagers told us that these Mullahs had come to our village  and told us the same story. The he said to Wali Khan , that we  wanted to know the truth about these Musllah but it was just a propaganda.

In the early days Pakistan would provide money to the people to leave Afghanistan and come to Pakistan. Because Pakistan was near to bankruptcy , so on the name of Jihad , Pakistan was collecting money from the world. And today Pakistan is nuclear power due to Afghanistan. Pakistan destroyed Afghanistan to make Pakistan.Afghan 2

Punjabi used Bhutto to get rid of East Pakistan to become in majority, because during the Partition in 1947, Punjabi were 25% of the whole population of Pakistan but in the Army , Establishment and Judiciary they were more than 80%. And by these forces Punjab made hostages the other nationalities in Pakistan. As a result the other nationalities in Pakistan are living on the their own lands like the slaves of Punjab.
Then Bhutto was also used to destroy Afghanistan and then  he was hanged in a rigged trail, as Punjabi had used Dr. Khan Saib and then killed him.

General Akhter Abdur Rehman who was the head of ISI during Zia ul Haq era , once  said KABUL MUST BURN.


Pakistan says that we were used by America in Afghan Jihad against former USSR but the reality is different , Pakistan had used America to collect money from the world on the name of Jihad , destroy Afghanistan to weaken it and make nuclear bomb. The thief of the nuclear technology , ABDUL QADEER KHAN once said in an interview that we made the nuclear bomb very soon due to the jihad in Afghanistan.

Farhad Ali KhawarFarhad Ali Khawar writes that  ” I understand Naseerullah Babar , he was a Pakistani Army General , he did what he was told but for what Gul Buddin Hikmat Yar , Ahmad Shah Mahsood , Burhanuddin Rabbani and others destroyed their own country? History is very cruel and will put every one on his own place”.


Rigveda is one of the oldest extant texts in any Indo-European Language . Philological and linguistic evidence indicate that the Rigveda was composed in the north-western region of the  Indian – subcontinent , most likely between c. 1500–1200 BCE, though a wider approximation of c. 1700–1100 BCE has also been given.

Indus river 1      Indus River

Amu 2 Amu River

“But some Pukhtuns say that they want to live in Pakistan, fair enough. Pakistan has already put the example for it in 1947 when those Muhajirs ( Refugees), who betrayed their motherland India and migrated to Pakistan, likewise those Pukhtuns who do not want to live in their motherland Afghanistan from Indus to Amu River ,  should migrate to Punjab, because Pakistan is Punjab and Punjab is Pakistan”. 

Writer : Mashal Khan Takkar

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