Part-5/5 : Who made Afghanistan a Bleeding Wound?

Afghanistan a bleeding woundAfghanistan is bleeding

 Who made Afghanistan a Bleeding Wound?

America was not putting pressure on Pakistan, and Pakistan was not giving up its support for the Taliban. When Taliban fighters escaped to Pakistan during the surge of 2001, Pakistan forced them to go back into Afghanistan to continue fighting. Some Taliban commanders in Pakistan were reluctant to return to Afghanistan. There were disagreements between the leadership and field commanders of Taliban. Taliban commanders were even discussing the opinion of peace talks and and a power sharing deal. But unfortunately , these commanders and Taliban leadership with their famiies , were located in Pakistan and they were completely dependent on Pakistan. So this was a tool with Pakistan , and forced them to go back to Afghanistan and fight againstan NATO and US forces. If they would not go , then Pakistan was threatening them to be arrested.

Once Holbrooke summed it up in typical blunt fashion:” We may be fighting the wrong enemy in the woring country”.

Mullah omar comments on the Taliban’s fall in 2001 , when he said they would pull back and fight in a different way . They did it as he said.


Pakistan was a junior partner in the partnership but no less fickle , even while receiving billions of dollars of aid and enjoying the status of major non-NATO ally.

For surely the ultimate test of loyalty is this: Are you harboring my enemy ? Are you trying to hurt me? And Pakistan was doing both of it, but America and its allies were turning blind eye on it. 

An extra ordinary test of Pakistan’s relationship with America faced suddenly in public when the world learned where osama bin laden had been hiding. To the end of his life , Osama bin laden had been trying to organize plots against United States , urging militant leaders not to attack Pakistani  targets but rather focus their energies against America. So , did Pakistan knowngly shelter Osama bin Laden.

Carlotta Gall

Carlotta Gall

After 10 years of reporting in Afghanistan and Pakistan and tracking bin Laden, I was also fascinated to see where and how he had been hiding , just forty miles from the capital, Islamabad  and wihtin a few hudred yards of the brick perimeter walls of the Kakul Military accademy. Osama bin Laden  was living there with sixteen family memebers. He had married five times and divorced once. Three of his wives  were living with him in Abbotabad. (Carlotta Gall).

No one was allowed to go and check what was  going on there in the house. After all it was under the protection and surveillance of ISI and no one could dare to do that. 

Even In any  PAKISTANI VILLAGE , ISI along with other intellegence organizations notice even a  STRAY DOG, then how come that these various intelligence organizations like ISI , Intellengce Bureau and military intelligence  coundnt know about  Osama bin laden,  Ejaz shah , former domestic intelligence chief.

. There was a special disk for Osama and he  was handled by one ISI officer

All over the country , Pakistan’s various intelligence agencies , the ISI, the intelligence Bureau , and military intelligence , keep safe houses for undercover operations. Because of Pakistan’s long practice of covertly supporting militant groups, the police have learned to leave such safe houses well alone. Police officers were warned off or even demoted for getting in the way of ISI operations.


Taliban and others who fought in Afghanistan had always received protection and medical treatment in Pakistan with the tacit approval of Pakistani state agencies.

Robert Blackwell former US Ambassador in India: In Afghanistan the counterinsurgency is failing because the Pakistan army supports the Taliban and Haqqani Newtwork.

Pakistani radical madrassas are fueling new generation of fighters. Sen Dian Fiensten.

Pakistan is a rogue state . It must be isolated , engaged or striked.

A lot of people in Pakistan died due to Pakistan not for Pakistan.

Pakistan came into being in 1947 for Muslims, but Pakistan is a very dangerous country not only for the  Muslims but for the world as a whole.

Afghanistan alone opposed Pakistani membership in the United Nation in 1947.

 The tragedy of Partition in 1947 was a deliberate and not a natural disaster like an earthquake or a flood. The British created Pakistan in 1947 for its future strategy  and used against former USSR in 1979.

Pakistan is a terrorist, fundamentalist , extremist and occupying state. Pakistan Army has always been in very closed relationship with the militant and religious groups.

If Afghanistan will be unstable, Pakistan will be unstable.

The real instability in Pakistan comes within the Pakistani state. Soon or later the Pukhtuns, Baloch and Sindhi will create turmoil against the Punjab dominated Pakistan. Punjab has made hostages the Pukhtuns, Baloch and Shindhis by the powerful Punjab dominated army, Judiciary and establishment.

Pakistani state is in a very weak Position, because it can not supply the needs of the people on any level.  60% of the children in Pakistan born stunted. There is no eduction, no protection and  no health facilities.  No basic facilities  are provided to the people. Bombing its own people in the Pukhtuns and Baloch areas. But why the world community is silent.

President Ghani and Prime minister Modi

President Ghani and Prime minister Modi

Mutual antipathy to Pakistan quickly brought India and Afghanistan together as natural allies. And in 1950 they signed a friendship treaty.

 Aghans and Indians have alwayes been in good relationship with each other. Now Pakistan is also involved in Afghanistan and India also . But India is building Afghanitan and Pakistan is destorying Afghanistan, that is the main difference.


Bala Hisar Port

Bala Hisar Port

Afghan has always been keen to ragain Peshawar , which had once been the summer capital of the Afghan empire. To this day all Afghans look on peshawar as a lost Afghan city.


Secretary of defense Leon Panetta said that the US was reaching the limits of its patience with Pakistan.

Fair enoguh but where is the action against Pakistan.

Pakistan’s future is uncertain any way. It is an unnatural state. So in 1971 it was disintegrated and more than half of the country became Bagladesh while further disintegration is around the corner. The Pukhtuns  under the Great Afghanistan Movement (GAM), want to get rid of Pakistan and annex their motherland Afghanistan . The Baluch also  struggles for their independence and the Sindhi want Sindho desh.

Greater Afghanistan Map

Greater Afghanistan Map

Once General kiyani said to an officer that if Afghanistan detriorated into chaotic civil war after the American leave, it will be bad for Afghanistan but a disaster for Pakistan. But even then Pakistan is interfering in the Internal affiars of Afganistan just to destroy it. But if Pakistan thinks that Afghanistan will quit the idea of Great Afghanistan from Indus River to Amu River, it is terribly mistaken. When even a single Afghan exists in this world, no one can prevent him to  quit the idear to take back  its land from Durand line to Indus River from Pakistan.

In 1980s Pakistan got a blank checque from the US to combate the Russian. But both Pakistan and US had different agendas. Pakistan wanted to destroy Afghanistan and US wanted to destroy former USSR. Both got what they wanted but on the cost of 2 millions Afghan lives and complete destruction of Afghanistan.

Pakistan spent much of the that money in building up the Taliban.

Pakistan tried to make Afghanistan into a province or a colony so they could have strategic depth, as they called it, because Pakistan has occupied the land of Afghanistan from Durand line to Indus river. So Pakistan wanted to destroy and weaken  Afghanitan to such an extent that Afghanistan could never dare to demand for its terriroty occupied by Pakisatn.

Important circles in Pakistan have never given up the aspiration to run Afghanistan as a client or dependent or proxy state and the colonial mindset is especially well – entrenched among senior army officers , ISI and establishment..

When clinton administration sent cruise missiles into Afghanistan in repreisal for the attacks on US embassies in the East Africa, the missile missed osama bin laden but did manage to kill two officers of the ISI. What were they doing there? Pakistan had trasferred all the training camps of Alqaeda and Taliban into Afghanistan during Taliban era. Thus from all over the world the terrorists would come to Pakistan on visit visas , then they were trained by Pakistani Army in these camps and sent back to other countries for the terrorist activities. Thus Pakistan wanted Taliban to run the government to lead Afghanistan to stone age. But US administration used to keep certifying to congress that Pakistan was not exploiting US aid.

Now every thing is crystal clear that for all the calamities of Afghans and the destruction of Afghanistan,  PAKISTAN is responsible. But if the International community and specially United states of America and UK will not solve the problem of Durand Line, and the territory of Afghanistan from Durand line to Indus River will not be given back to Afghanistan, then there will be no peace at all. In 1947 UK had given the Afghan land to Pakistan , so now it is the moral responsibility of UK along with its allies to help Afghanistan to get back its land occupied by Pakistan.

Mashal Khan Takkar
Editor in Chief



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