About us

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Mashal Khan Takkar :
Editor in Chief : THE VOICE TIMES 
(International News Network)
M.Sc. Electrical Engineer , Politician , Social Worker , Poet with Published books , Writer , Liberal, Social Democrat.
– Canadian Pukhtun Culture Association Inc. (CPCA).
– Great Afghanistan Movement (GAM)



Our Mission :

-We have common goals- one team and one dream. Day or night, shine or rain , we are working for you.
-Using the facility of internet where everyone is free to connect, communicate, write, read, watch, speak, listen, learn, create, and innovate, we are with you.
-The Voice Times , preserves its freedom , integrity and independence from bias in the dissemination of information and news.
-We publish unbiased and reliable news in each and every field of life.
-We maintain one of the leading position in the international news and information business.
-We say the truth , however we know that “comment is free but facts are sacred”
-We are committed to quality news, information and entertainment etc around the world.
-we have no permanent allies or enemies but no one can prevent us to tell the truth.
-We try through our publication to educate , engage and empower youth to become global citizen.
-We generate, contribute, and share news effectively to support and inform decision-makers.
-Our well informative editorials are being designed to captivate readers.